Miss Paula’s focus is and always will be to instill confidence and self-love

in her dancers while teaching proper technique & style.


BALANCE is a fun and low-key dance studio that focuses on promoting personal and artistic expression and growth. Your child will learn to express him or herself more easily, gain poise, self confidence and self awareness.
BALANCE DANCE STUDIO will further develop your child’s natural love of movement. Dance is a total experience involving the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual dimensions of an individual that helps us to perceive and communicate who we are and what we aspire to become. Dance develops distinct ways of seeing, thinking, and communicating ideas and feelings. Dance is expressive movement that has the power to enrich lives.
BALANCE DANCE STUDIO is in their 16th year in Alpine.
BALANCE DANCE STUDIO offers two performances each year: a Christmas show and a Spring recital.

Paula Nielson
owner and director of BALANCE DANCE STUDIO, has been dancing for over 35 years. Dance has been a part of Paula’s life from the beginning. She has trained in classical ballet, tap, modern, clogging, with most of her time spent in jazz. She is a graduate of Snow College where she majored in dance and was the president of the performing dance company, Orchesis. Paula is also a graduate of the University of Utah where she was a member of the Crimson Line Dance Team. She received a BS in Exercise and Sport Science with a minor in Health and is a certified teacher. She is a certified Master Teacher Level 1 in the Leap ‘N Learn Early Childhood Dance Program.  Paula has taught in the studio setting for eighteen years and in the public school setting for three years where she also coached the Bingham High School Minerettes. Paula loves to choreograph and is thrilled to share her love of dance with children in her own studio. Paula is the on the board for UDJA (Utah Dance Judges Association) and serves as the Financial Vice President.  She loves to judge Utah drill-team and dance studios from around the country.  Paula and her husband Casey have lived in Alpine for seventeen years and have four children.
PAYMENT POLICY Tuition is based on a monthly rate.  It is not per class or hour, it is per month.  Tuition remains the same throughout all months regardless of holidays, class cancellations or missed classes.  Tuition is $45 per month for all classes, except the BABY class is $40 per month.Monthly tuition is due the FIRST lesson of each month.  Please make all tuition checks payable to BALANCE Dance Studio. Please give all tuition payments directly to the instructor.  To assure proper credit, please use the dancer’s first and last name on all payments.  If you pay with cash, please put it in a sealed envelope with your child’s first and last name on it.  I accept also accept Venmo payments.  Receipts are available upon request.  No refunds will be given.  There will be a $5.00 late fee assessed for all tuition that is not received by the 10th of each month.  There will also be a $20.00 fee on all returned checks. If you would like to pay your tuition for the entire year, there is a 10% discount.  This discount does not apply to the registration fee.  There will be 8 full months of tuition collected.  No tuition will be due in May (I charge full tuition in December to cover May).  The discounted yearly tuition fee is $324.  Please see Miss Paula for more details.
ATTENDANCE: To have a successful dance program it is essential that we have good attendance.  If classes are missed, there are no make up classes.  Payments will not be refunded or credited to the next month.  If you know you are going to be out of town for an extended period please talk with me and arrangements can be made.
LESSON FORMAT Please drop your dancer off at the curb and enter the studio on the southwest side of my home.  There is a set of stairs that lead to the basement.  Right inside the door is the studio.  Classes will begin and end on time.  Please be punctual in both bringing your child and especially, picking them up.  I generally keep the door locked while I am teaching.  Please do not knock to come in until the class is dismissed.  I will open the door when we are finished.  The door opening and closing is a huge distraction, especially to our little dancers.  Drivers please DO NOT pull into my driveway.  It is very dangerous when backing up. We do have a bathroom.  However, please encourage your child to take care of things at home before dance class.  Dancers will not be permitted to use my home phone.  Please make all arrangements for rides etc. before your child comes to dance.
All students are required to wear appropriate attire to class.  We don’t have a specific dress code but we recommend:  leotards, tights, jazz shorts, jazz pants, or tank tops.   Please no baggy clothes in dance class.  This is a safety concern and also helps us to spot needed corrections more easily.  Please have hair pulled back out of the face.
Dance Shoes – The following shoes are needed for class:
1.  Black tap shoes
2.  Pink ballet (leather or canvas) shoes.  I prefer PINK ballet shoes.   Please do not buy the “slipper” type ballet shoes.
1st GRADE (Pre-Jazz) & UP:
1.  Foot undeez, PINK ballet shoes or bare feet are fine.BALLET:

1.  Pink Ballet shoes, pink tights and leotard (any color).


1.  Any athletic type shoe or bare feet

Dance shoes can be purchased at Payless or The Glass Slipper (in AF).  I prefer each dancer to have a bag for their shoes.  Other dance attire can be purchased at any department store.  I have used Target and Wal-Mart in the past. Do not buy ballet shoes at Target or Wal-Mart.  They are not the correct ones.  Please write your dancers name in all belongings, especially dance shoes.


Because of limited space in my studio, parents and visitors are welcome to observe dance class only on the first lesson of each month.  Please leave little ones at home to reduce distractions and take away from valuable class time.  If special circumstances arise (i.e., Grandparents visiting from out of town etc  . . .) please let me know and special arrangements can be made.  All other classes during the month are closed to spectators.  Please be considerate when entering and exiting the studio.  It is very distracting (especially to our little dancers) to have the door opening and closing during instruction


We will be having two performances this year.  We will be having a Christmas show in December.  Our big spring recital is going to be held in May.  We will also be rehearsing that day, so please reserve the entire day for dance.  We will be ordering costumes for both performances.  We will always try to keep costume costs to a minimum.  Costume costs for the Christmas show are around $30-50.  Average costume costs for the spring recital are $70-90.   More details will follow!

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